Welcome to The Naturist Foundation

where bare is beautiful

Here at The Naturist Foundation we offer the largest and best equipped facilities for naturism in Britain including a newly refurbished swimming pool, extensive games courts, unspoiled woodland, children’s play area and a pavilion with cafeteria and bar.


The Naturist Foundation is the successor to the North Kent Sun Club, founded near Dartford in 1948. The North Kent Sun Club moved to Brocken Hurst in the winter of 1958/59, and in 1976 The Naturist Foundation became a registered charity. At the beginning of 2019 a new charity was established, remaining in the name of The Naturist Foundation but as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO); this replaced the former charity.

We strive to keep our facilities modern and up to date. Many facilities and services from which we benefit today have been created by the voluntary efforts of our contributors, which is still vitally important to our progress.

As a  CIO, the only members of the charity can be the Trustees, however, the Trustees can create an associate membership for all of its non-voting members. Therefore, all those who register for the all-the-year-round enjoyment of our facilities are called associate members.

Mission statement:

The pursuit of personal well being and wellness through naturist recreational activities!

Working with other associations

Many of our committee and contributors are closely associated with national and international naturist organisations and have been at the leading edge of the expansion of naturism.

This includes the establishment of naturist beaches and the formation of the Central Council for British Naturism (CC BN) now known as British Naturism (BN), and the International Naturist Federation (INF).

Aims of the Naturist Foundation

The Naturist Foundation welcome everyone, particularly families, offering play areas for the very young in a safe and friendly environment and numerous recreational facilities for all ages.

As a charity, The Naturist Foundation objectives are to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation in the public interest and in the interests of social welfare for the object of improving the conditions of life of persons for who the facilities are primarily intended and to be available to male and female members of the public at large.

Aspirations for the future

To promote the acceptance of naturism as a healthy pursuit. Naturism results in one of the healthiest physical and mental lifestyle changes possible.

That we treat each other with dignity and mutual respect, accepting of each other for who we are on the inside. For those new to naturism, we want to hear them say “What took me so long?”