Visitor Rules

Meadow Camping Rules

If you have any problems during your visit please contact the office or the meadow camping warden.

These rules should be read in conjunction with the Rules and Conventions of the Naturist Foundation.

  1. Fees. Visitor fees must be paid in full before a site can be occupied.
  2. Camping Season. Seasonal camping is permitted from 1st April or Easter, whichever is earlier, to the weekend of the 2nd Sunday in October.
  3. Sites. Caravans/motor homes/tents must be at least 6 metres apart. Family units can be 3 metres apart. Awnings are permitted and BBQ’s are permitted provided they are not sited directly on the floor. Alternatively, there is a communal large brick built BBQ in the central area. Please provide your own coals. Visitors are expected to keep their allocated site neat and tidy during their stay.
  4. Gas Bottles. Gas is available to purchase on site, provided we have the size you require.
  5. Hose pipes. Hose pipes are not permitted to be used under any circumstances.
  6. Rubbish. Rubbish may be placed in the euro bins at the bottom of the meadow. There is a facility for cardboard and paper to be burnt by the Foundations representatives. Please leave in the black dustbins by the side of the euro bins. There is also a glass recycling bin situated in the same place.
  7. Speed. All areas of the site are subject to a 5MPH SPEED LIMIT. This applies to everyone on site. This is for the safety of everyone, especially children, on site.
  8. Car Parking. All electric pitches have the facility to park one car. Non-electric pitches may not be able to accommodate vehicles. All other vehicles must be left on the parking area at the bottom of the meadow.
  9. Children. Children are the responsibility of their parent/guardian at all times. No child under the age of 18 can camp on their own overnight and should not be left in their tent/caravan unsupervised after dark. Children attending an evening function should do so under the supervision of their parent/guardian. If children are to be left in the care of a member then a “parental responsibility” form should be completed on every occasion and handed in to the office.
  10. Washing up. If you do not have your own washing up facilities you can use the facilities provided behind the meadow shower block. Do not wash up at the drinking water points.


Rules and Conventions of the Naturist Foundation

Our rules are designed to safeguard the enjoyment of all users of our grounds and facilities and also events organised by us away from Brocken Hurst. We expect everyone to co-operate in ensuring they respect other members, joining in their Society’s and the Foundation’s activities and help progress improvements to the best of their ability. The general rules set out below are kept to a minimum. They are supplemented by others relating to camping, use of the swimming pool, sauna and locker and sun bed storage facilities. These include safety matters and legal requirements and are made known to all concerned.

1) For the public benefit the Foundation provides facilities for outdoor recreation under naturist conditions i.e. without clothing whenever weather and other circumstances permit. Those seeking to enjoy the facilities are expected to have this objective in mind.

2) The Trustees have the discretion to vary any rules, fees and conditions with the Trust Deed in mind. Day to day organisation is undertaken by the Trustees with the help of a Management and Co-ordinating Committee.

3) The Naturist Foundation abides by a robust safeguarding policy. If there are any concerns or risks the Naturist Foundation will refuse entry or ask you to leave. The Naturist Foundation is duty bound to protect existing members.

4) Any person who has been convicted of any serious criminal or criminal sexual offence will be prohibited from entering the Naturist Foundation.

5) Inappropriate or bad behaviour will lead to immediate exclusion from the premises. This includes overt displays of affection.

6) A bar is provided and operated in accordance with the Licensing Acts and no alcoholic drinks may be brought into or consumed in the grounds central areas.

7) Televisions, radios, CD players, musical instruments and any other form of media entertainment device can only be used at a low volume level that does not impede the enjoyment by other members of the Foundation facilities.

8) No animals are permitted within the grounds accept Assistance Dogs. The exception is those belonging to residents that have been given approval by the Trustees. No livestock is permitted under any circumstances.

9) Adults may use bikes/mobility scooters to get to and from the central area but must be considerate of pedestrians and other road users. Please remember we have a 5mph speed limit on site.

10) Lockers and sunbed storage spaces can be hired during your stay at a price determined by the Trustees. The Naturist Foundation assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of any property in any storage area whether locked or unlocked. The Naturist Foundation has the right to remove and dispose of any items left on site.

11) The names, addresses and any other information relating to members/visitors held by the Foundation are deemed to be confidential according to our Privacy policy. Access to this information is restricted to the Trustees and office staff.