Join us!

For an amazing weekend at Christian Naturist Fellowship Annual Conference:

Aug 2-4 2024

If you have been before you will know what a fantastic weekend the conference is, if you haven’t why not?! Make this the year! Book Here!

Added to the usual excitement this year, we are extremely blessed to have Welsh Evangelist Wynne Goss joining us, (for more information on Wynne visit

As always there will be a Fellowship Meal on Saturday (Aug 3rd) during the lunchtime break. The cost is £10 per Adult and £6.00 per child. To join in please book and pay here:

* We apologise if this causes any difficulties for you, but due to the popularity of the fellowship meal, we can only accept online meal bookings with payment in advance this year. So please make sure that you book in advance if you would like to join in with the meal. 

**If you have any difficulties with booking in for the meal, or any other queries about the Conference programme, please speak to Peter and Siobhan directly. 

Broken Hurst Reception will only be able to answer questions about your booking/camping and not about the details of the conference itself.


To book your day visits for the CNF annual conference then please book here.

To book your camping stay for the CNF annual conference then please book here.

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