What is Naturism?

Naturism is the practice of non-sexual social nudity when circumstances – and weather – permit. For those new to naturism, you’ll soon find that everyone respects you for who you are and will treat you with dignity whatever shape or size. Naturists are keen to know the person and often don’t notice if you’re wearing clothes or not! In return we ask you to respect us and our common passion.


What rules are there about clothing?

You are free to wander wherever you wish without clothing. Please make sure you have a towel to sit on. Some evening events may request that you’re dressed, during meal service or when dancing. As you leave, you’ll see the sign asking you to be clothed by the main gate. Of course, when it’s cold we put on clothes to keep us warm. Nothing odd about that!


My partner isn’t a naturist; can they still come with me?

Yes, as long as they are comfortable and respectful. The Naturist Foundation promotes naturism as a natural and healthy pursuit. Whilst our aim is to make all visitors comfortable as naturists within the confines of Brocken Hurst, we do understand some may take a little longer to feel at ease without clothes. We have members of all ages, genders and abilities and you’ll find someone always willing to chat over any particular concerns.


Do you allow body piercings/jewellery?

Piercings and jewellery are fine as long as they have no sexual connotations, especially as we are a family orientated club.


If you’re looking to ‘swing’ good luck to you but you’ve arrived at the wrong web site! Please shut the door on your way out.


If you have any other questions please telephone our office on 01689 871200 or email us at info@naturistfoundation.org.